About Embrace Your Courage Blog


My Personal Manifesto
If you were to ask me what I do as a therapist I would say ‘I witness clients find their courage to embrace more of their own truth’. That is my personal manifesto.

Embrace Your Courage
I have suffered enough and lived long enough to be empathic, that makes me doubly good as a therapist. When it comes to anxiety, for example, I’ve been there. The theme of this blog is ‘embrace your courage’, because I believe courage is fundamental to survival and prosperity. It is fundamental to getting well. Someone said ‘to be successful, do what you are afraid to do’, that is our motivation.

Lots of Usable Psychology
This blog contains usable information and exercises to improve relationships, combat anxiety, anger and depression, among other recovery topics. Most subjects I write about concern psychology, but every once in a while there is a great movie or a great book that I share my thoughts about. I also like antique cars so occasionally I write about cool cars, with a psychology connection built in.

The major categories of the blog are:
Psychology worksheets: i.e. ‘homework assignments’ for clients you can download
Psychology Book Reviews
Psychology Resources
Movie Reviews (Better Late Than Never)
Pass times covering antique cars, travel and other psychology related topics


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