My Services

Anxiety, Depression, Overwhelm

Clients frequently ask me for tips, tools and strategies to help them resolve their difficulties in a
practical way. That may be you also. I can oblige. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a clinically
proven, practical approach to helping you cope with anxiety, depression, anger and relationship issues


I help grieving clients cope with their loss; it is possible to recover from grief. Unlike a friend, acquaintance or family member I offer objective insight, I accompany you on your grief journey during your time in session, and the insights I offer can help you in your progress.


Communication skills are vital to all relationships, whether we are talking about cooperating successfully with work colleagues, family members or your intimate partner, improved relationships depend in part on deeper self-understanding, authenticity and confidence. I offer LGBTQ friendly relationship help for couples and individuals, as well as counselling for problems at work and school including bullying and workplace politics.