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If you are facing an important life issue that deep down you know you need help coping with, then quite possibly I can help. I am skilled in reflecting useful insights to help you understand your issue more clearly, which in turn can help you discern and implement a healthy way forward. I don’t direct or advise, that is not a counsellor’s role. Perhaps most importantly, I am an impartial listening ear; there is no judgement!

The counselling experience is a journey my client and I embark on together, the journey itself is unique to each client. I usually follow the methodologies of self-psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and solution focused brief therapy (SFBT) according to each client's needs.

Acquiring healthy coping skills is often an important part of psychotherapy. Skills such as assertiveness, cultivating a relaxed mind and body, active listening and knowing what you need and want enable you to 'trust the process’ of working towards positive outcomes in many different circumstances in your life, because the skills you learn are transferrable from one area of life to another.

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(Serving all of Ontario and Alberta, Canada)

Email: consult@ianoneill.org

Phone: 226 640 4938

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    Individuals and Couples: $100 per 1-hour secure video session.

    Payment: E-Transfer.

    Psychotherapy is covered by many extended health insurance plans, please check your insurance plan to ensure it covers Registered Psychotherapists.